AU meme: (2009-ish) Dan and Phil met on Omegle video chat as strangers.

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if you weren’t a youtuber, what would you be doing?




this is cyberbullying


do you ever look at your url and think “i am so glad that i have this url. i deserve this url” 




humor sideblog now at

follow and i’ll tell you my first impression of you and rate your blog thanks :^)

i’m not going to be posting very much humor on this blog anymore (if at all), so if you want to see the humor posts that i used to post all the time follow that blog! i appreciate it very much :)


Spews. (x)

Anonymous: what does it mean to be ruining your aesthetic? also your side blog's ask is closed or something.

basically it’s just ruining ur vibe lol
also aye thanks for letting me know I’ll fix it next time I have access to a computer 👍

“They laugh until laughing makes them kiss.
They kiss until kissing makes them laugh.”

Sarah Ruhl (The Clean House)  (via blonde-buddha)